Sales Hindsights with Patrick Kagan

Discovering the Power of making the SABOTEUR WITHIN AN ALLY

March 24, 2023 Patrick Season 10 Episode 1
Sales Hindsights with Patrick Kagan
Discovering the Power of making the SABOTEUR WITHIN AN ALLY
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Show Notes

Think of the possibilities of mastering a relationship with the inner voice, and creating an alliance with the saboteur within.  

Have you ever considered that no-one knows you better?

Have you considered that voice may only be doing what it was programmed to your protector from danger?

Welcome to SEASON 10!

Discover a brave, and triumphant journey of my wonderful 3rd daughter, Olivia, as she shares her exceptional journey to a higher self and her way to change the dialogue on her own inner speak.

Olivia is completely relatable, and has the grace to share where she is at on her own journey, how she walked away from a high paying job to a future so bright, she needed a new partner to help get there, and how she manages the strength of the saboteur within to become her strongest asset and alliance so far.

You will be amazed when you listen, when you also remember that she is only 25,and yet such a wise and comforting voice to listen to.

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