Sales Hindsights with Patrick Kagan

Momentarily Ambitious....OR.....Future Franchisee?

January 30, 2023 Patrick Season 9 Episode 7
Sales Hindsights with Patrick Kagan
Momentarily Ambitious....OR.....Future Franchisee?
Sales Hindsights with Patrick Kagan +
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Show Notes

"Ambition without action is Fantasy"

                                ~ Bryant McGill

Have you considered the benefits of becoming a franchisee?

If so, you need someone like Meg Schmitz in your circle.  She is affectionately known as the FRANCHISE GURU, because flat out, she is literally "been there, done that successful" when it comes to owning, operating, and growing a franchise.

Enjoy the time Meg and Patrick spend together as they unpack the viable options for becoming a franchisee. 

Did you even know there was someone like Meg available to work in your best interest, and in the best interest of the franchises looking for owners like you?

There is such a nice business connection between Patrick Kagan, and Meg Schmitz.  Both have a boots on the ground, tell it like it is, and get you where you want to go approach to your business life.  Their podversation will open new ideas and leave you wanting more.

And if you ever thought that a franchise might be possible in your future, you now have Patrick making a FRANCHISE GURU part of your own secret weapons of tools in your professional tool box.

Sit back, relax, and enjoy as Meg & Patrick open new opportunities for you.

Patrick Kagan, Author of "SELL THE DIFFERENCE" enjoys some quality time with Ann Carden, as she brings to life, the power and value of clarity and strategy in developing your own category of one in world that continues to struggle with clutter on every platform.

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