Sales Hindsights with Patrick Kagan


April 30, 2022 Patrick Season 7 Episode 7
Sales Hindsights with Patrick Kagan
Sales Hindsights with Patrick Kagan +
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Show Notes

Have you ever met a leader that not only HAS  the vision, but actually "breathes life into that vision" to the point where everyone around that leader now owns the vision?

Meet Hank Ebeling, founder of H4 Training. 

Hank's focus on creating the highest level of satisfaction from any encounter his internal or external customers has is refreshing.  Every customer, every employee knows their value, and Hank makes sure of that.

It is not easy to put people before profits in such fast paced, and ever changing business climate, so sit back, enjoy the listen, and find the one or two ideas that Hank and Patrick share that could by your game changer.  

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Enjoy the easy to understand, and practical approach to improving yourself, and therefore, the world around you, both personally and professionally.   Patrick gives you the support, now make hiring his team your next  priority to move toward the best results and most positive changes you could imagine.

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