Sales Hindsights with Patrick Kagan

The Rainmaker's Dilemma

April 15, 2022 Patrick Season 7 Episode 4
Sales Hindsights with Patrick Kagan
The Rainmaker's Dilemma
Sales Hindsights with Patrick Kagan +
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Show Notes

How many leaders in small business, mid sized business, large business, and all around corporate America get in their own way and wishes for progress and growth?

In Small Business, this can be devastating!


The fact of the matter is most skills don't transfer from super star in the ranks, to super star as the leader.   How often do you as the leader notice that nothing gets done when you are not present at work?  How often to great sales results only follow the leader wherever they travel, and not where they are not?

What would happen to your business if you were gone for 3 consecutive months?

Welcome in David Schlosberg, business advisor,  Patrick's guest on this issue that so many small businesses face.  David and Patrick Kagan share their experiences, and provide some practical ideas on how to avoid being the rainmaker that gets in their own way. 

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