Sales Hindsights with Patrick Kagan


April 06, 2022 Patrick Season 7 Episode 1
Sales Hindsights with Patrick Kagan
Sales Hindsights with Patrick Kagan +
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Show Notes

Did you realize there are 3 BIG MISTAKES probably being made, over and over, in a cycle that keeps you down?

Are you aware that many of us "spend our possibilities on 7 OF THE MOST EXPENSIVE WORDS EVER USED TO GUIDE OUR ACTIONS & INACTIONS?

Relax, and enjoy as Jeff Smith, "The most successful author in history" according to Wiley Publishing joins Patrick in a groundbreaking podversation on succeeding in spite of ourselves and our obstacles. 

Want a roadmap to the 11 steps of success?
We all do.  Jeff & Patrick give shape to the roadmap, and energize the potentials within each and every one of us

This Podversation will truly give you the competitive advantage you have been looking for.     Watch this 1 minute video to find out how
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Enjoy the passion &  wisdom that Patrick brings to this podcast, and make your expectations match your outcomes.

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Enjoy the easy to understand, and practical approach to improving yourself, and therefore, the world around you, both personally and professionally.   Patrick gives you the support, now make hiring his team your next  priority to move toward the best results and most positive changes you could imagine.

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